Without scientific data, ancient philosophers created theories that remain true today
Ancient philosophers were the first to discover some of the laws of nature, but often go unheralded.
Bomb dropped on Hiroshima was far more dangerous than thought
Scientists have found evidence that the Hiroshima bomb may have killed many more people than we realize.
Scientists combine two atoms using "optical tweezers" for first time ever
Scientists have combined two separate atoms for the first time ever using optical "tweezers."
Scientists propose new 'superfluid quasicrystal' state of matter
A team of theoretical physicists have proposed a new state of matter and outlined its "recipe" in their recent study.
ALPHA test obtains most accurate direct antimatter measurement
A new study in Nature presents the most accurate direct measurement of antimatter to date.
Researchers at CERN are on a subatomic hunt to detect rare particle decay
Scientists at CERN are conducting experiments in an effort to reveal new laws of physics.
Scientists conduct experiments to explain the origins of our Universe
Experiments searching for a solution to one of physics' biggest mysteries have delivered their first rounds of results.
Scientists developing quantum computing materials
New research on ferrites could pave the way for quantum computing materials.
Discoverers of gravitational waves win physics Nobel Prize
Ripples in space-time theorized by Einstein had eluded scientists for a century.
Scientists confirm fourth detection of gravitational waves
Finding is first for new Virgo detector that began operating on August 1.
German scientists creating artificial Sun
Scientists in Germany are turning on what is being described as 'the world's largest artificial sun.'
Elon Musk explains why he won't quit Donald Trump's advisory council
Musk said that he had a found an opportunity in the forum where he would be able to give feedback on issues that were of national interest, and matters of critical concern.
This brain-implanted hardware could be the next step in restoring lost sight
After this success, the company is now planning to work on a device for patients who have a damaged optic nerve and will be called Orion.
US troops carry out ground raid against ISIS in Syria
US Special Forces conducted a rare ground raid on Sunday in Syria.
Speed of light may have been faster in early universe
A new theory suggests that the speed of light was different deep in the cosmic past.
Soft robotics a reality
He is seeking to make robots more elastic and stretchy. The material is made of hyperelastic and emitting hydro-gel.
Don't make killer robots, scientists warn
Drones are already being used heavily by the military to conduct deadly strikes with missiles -- autonomous weapons could be next.
Researchers create 'Nadine,' a sociable robot
The software behind Nadine is as powerful as Apple's Siri or Microsoft's Cortana, NTU claims.
Stephen Hawking discovers new theory on black holes
Stephen Hawking suggests that black holes store information rather than destroy it