Astronomers find another potentially habitable planet 11 light-years away
Astronomers find another potentially habitable planet 11 light-years away
Astronomers discovered a potentially Earth-like planet just 11 light-years from Earth. They said that it is at the right distance from its star to have liquid water and a climate mild enough to sustain life.
Scientists discover second-nearest Earth-like exoplanet
Scientists discover second-nearest Earth-like exoplanet
Rocky world may be best known location to search for extra-terrestrial life.
Zombie fungus takes over ants' bodies, study reports
Zombie fungus takes over ants' bodies, study reports
A new report shows that an ant-controlling fungus takes over the insect's body rather than its mind.
Pluto is colder than scientists expected due to atmospheric haze
Pluto is colder than scientists expected due to atmospheric haze
Haze particles rather than atmospheric gases are responsible for atmospheric cooling mechanism.
Artificial cooling could do more harm than good, study reports
Stacey Carter - 16 hours ago
A group of researchers have found that proposed plans to cool the Earth and fight global warming could actually spark more severe weather patterns in certain parts of the world.
Giant black holes could send new type of gravitational wave across the universe
Ed Mason - 16 hours ago
A group of astronomers have discovered that a black hole collision within the next decade will release gravitational waves.
More screen time connected to increase in teen depression, suicide
Clint Huston - 16 hours ago
A new study shows a link between teen depression and personal electronic use.
Private company interested in exploring Enceladus
Laurel Kornfeld - 16 hours ago
First privately-funded planetary science mission will search for life in Enceladus' plumes.
Scientists make first ever observation of contracting white dwarf star
Laurel Kornfeld - Nov 16, 2017
White dwarf is visible only because it is accreting material from its binary companion.
Cygnus arrives at ISS with food and supplies
Laurel Kornfeld - Nov 16, 2017
Holiday treats and gifts are among the supplies delivered.
Stargazer alert: Leonid meteor shower peaks this weekend
Tobi Gerdes - Nov 16, 2017
The Leonid meteor shower should produce about 15 meteors per hour on the peak night between midnight and dawn on Nov. 18.
FDA approves world's first digital pill
Vicky Webb - Nov 16, 2017
A new digital pill could help doctors better monitor patient health.
More World Heritage sites threatened by climate change, report says
Tracy Williams - Nov 16, 2017
More World Heritage sites are threatened by the effects of climate change, such as the rise in sea levels, more powerful storms, extended periods of drought, and more frequent wildfires, a new report says.
New high blood pressure guidelines could help save lives
Vicky Webb - Nov 16, 2017
Doctors have altered the hypertension guidelines, which could change the recommended diets and lifestyle for millions of Americans.
Longest sauropod trackway discovered in France
Harry Marcolis - Nov 16, 2017
A excavation site in France holds what is now the longest sauropod trackway ever discovered.
Astronomers observe ancient merger of two huge galaxies
Laurel Kornfeld - Nov 16, 2017
Dust and 12.7-billion-year distance makes these galaxies impossible to observe in visible light.
Archaeologists find 8,000-year-old wine in Caucasus
Jackie Flores - Nov 16, 2017
Archaeologists have found the remains 8000-year-old grape wine at two late Stone Age villages about 30 miles south of Georgia's capital, Tbilisi.
15,000 scientists issue dire warning to humanity
Ed Mason - Nov 16, 2017
Time is running out to save planet, say more than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries.
Antarctica was once covered in forest, study reports
Tobi Gerdes - Nov 14, 2017
A group of scientists have found fossil evidence that shows Antarctica was once covered in lush, humid forests.
Continental shifts may warm atmosphere, study reports
Harry Marcolis - Nov 14, 2017
Scientists have uncovered how continental shifts affect the amount of carbon in the atmosphere.
Bugs prefer certain houses, rooms over others
Ian Marsh - Nov 14, 2017
A group of researchers have discovered the different factors that may bring insects into a home.
Space is a "new warfighting domain," says Air Force
Miriam Griffin - Nov 14, 2017
The U.S. Air Force is upping its capability to wage war in space, Air Force officials said this past week. They are working with lawmakers and private contractors to develop space-based technology in order to maneuver and attack in low-Earth orbit.
Prehistoric shark discovered in waters of Portugal
Leon Clarke - Nov 14, 2017
A shark whose species dates back 80 million years was caught by an EU researching expedition earlier this summer. Researchers said that the shark lives at such great depths that humans rarely ever get a glimpse of it and that almost no one ever catches it.
Invading fungus controls zombie ants, study says
Ed Mason - Nov 13, 2017
Researchers have made the surprising discovery that the so-called zombie ant fungus invades the ant's entire body without infecting its brain.
Alcohol consumption raises cancer risk, doctors warn
Mark Schwartz - Nov 13, 2017
Reducing alcohol use greatly reduces cancer risks, a leading organization of U.S. cancer doctors said in a statement Tuesday. The statement cited research that finds that one or more alcoholic beverages a day increases risks of breast cancer.
New study of house bugs reveals complex coexistence with humans
Ian Marsh - Nov 13, 2017
Scientists shed light on the complex ecology of house bugs and say the uninvited guests may even contribute to human health.
New electronics could survive conditions on Venus
Laurel Kornfeld - Nov 13, 2017
Technology could make it possible for a probe to do basic science on Venus for several months or longer.
Massive 'planet' might actually be a star
David Sims - Nov 13, 2017
Astronomers have discovered a massive planet at the center of our galaxy that is so big they are not sure if it is a planet at all.
Crested pigeon's wings act as an alarm
Tobi Gerdes - Nov 13, 2017
Scientists have discovered the purpose behind the crested pigeon's unique whistling wings.
Ancient, wolf-sized otter had strong jaws, study reports
Steve Colyer - Nov 13, 2017
Researchers have found evidence that the prehistoric otter Siamogale melilutra had a bite force similar to a bear's.
Get flu shot, doctors say, even if vaccine not completely effective
Chad Young - Nov 13, 2017
Even if a flu shot does not provide total protection against sickness, getting one can reduce the severity of the reaction, doctors say.
Early humans gained height to survive in savannah
Ian Marsh - Nov 13, 2017
While the height of early humans increased dramatically between 1.4 and 1.6 million years ago, consistently heavier hominins do not appear in the fossil record until about a million years later.