US troops carry out ground raid against ISIS in Syria

US Special Forces conducted a rare ground raid on Sunday in Syria.

David Sims | Jan 10, 2017

US Special Forces conducted a rare ground raid on Sunday in Syria. The attack was aimed at capturing an ISIS militant, according to US officials. The attack took place near a small town along the Euphrates River, around the city of Deir al-Zour which happens to be the militant territory.

According to a website that monitors ISIS activity in the area, the troops landed in helicopters, stayed for approximately one and a half hours, and left carrying militant bodies and live captives.

Washington, on the other hand, said US forces intercepted a vehicle carrying a known militant who they intended to capture and interrogate further. In the process, a fierce firefight broke out, and the driver of the vehicle and his passenger were shot dead. There were no fatalities or injuries on the American side.

A spokesman for the US-led coalition Col. John Dorian confirmed the operation did actually take place but declined to give details. The operation was conducted by a small number of the Expeditionary Task Force, which mostly deals with hunting down ISIS leaders.

"We've done them before, and we'll do them again," Capt. Jeff Davis, a U.S. amilitary spokesman, said of the task force operation, speaking to reporters at the Pentagon.

The British- based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and US officials gave conflicting reports on the number of ISIS militants killed during the operation. With the human rights watch putting the number at 25 while US officials placed it at 2.

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