Study suggests more Hurricane Sandy like storms for Tri State area

A study suggests that more Hurricane Sandy like storms could be in store for the Tri State area.

Linda Mack | Oct 09, 2016

A study suggested that more Hurricane Sandy like storms could be in store for the Tri State area.

Hurricane Sandy, which occurred in 2012, devastated the northeast United States of America. Areas from New Jersey to Connecticut were affected by the storm, which caused major property damage and caused the temporary homelessness of manyin the area. New York City, which contains large areas of land that are as low as 16 feet above sea level, was also hit by the storm. Manhattan is estimated to be only five feet above sea level.

"It was absolutely horrifying," said Tribeca resident Tara Reilly said. "We had no power, we basically had to evacuate. Having lived through 9/11, being down here again during something traumatic like that was scary."

The new study predicts that storms the intensity of Sandy and with the capability of causing major flooding in New York City will occur more frequently in the near future. According to the study, the reason for the increased frequency is a rising sea level. Many attribute the rise in sea level in part to global warming, which melts the polar caps, causing their ice to turn to added global water.

"Events like Hurricane Sandy, which currently occur approximately every 400 years the frequency that those events will occur may be as much asonce every 20 years," explained Benjamin Horton, Ph.D., a professor at Rutgers said."Sea levels will rise in the 21st century because we're increasing our atmospheric temperatures, which are causing our oceans to expand and our ice sheets to melt. Quite simply, if you increase atmospheric air temperatures, you increase ocean temperatures."


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