Spiders may be right handed like most humans

Instinctively again the spider went for the meal on the right.

Jeremy Morrow | Jan 10, 2017

Scientists for a long time thought that being right handed or lefthanded was purely a human character. But as science has proved today that most animals do have a proffered side. The kangaroo is the most documented animals to prefer on the side, but it appears the tarantula may also have a preferred arm.

In an experiment where the scientists placed a male spider in a pipe to see what direction it would go to.

It mostly went to the right side. After studies had shown that spiders are more active during the night, scientists placed the spider in the middle of the tube and put light sources at the end of the both tunnels.

The result showed that the spider moved most often towards the right side. They then traded this for different stimuli.

They placed two females at the ends of the tubes. To make sure that the spiders were identical, they picked both female arachnids from the same broad and the same period.

Again the spider often moved to the right side. The final taste was placing a cockroach; the tarantula's favorite meal on both ends of the tube.Instinctively again the spider went for the meal on the right.

"I don't think that's surprising. Usually, the asymmetry is [reflected] in the neuron system," said Bor-Kai Hsiung, a Ph.D. candidate at Ohio's University of Akron. "If there's only one human, there's only one stimulus; they will move toward the prey very fast and very precisely."

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