Marines kill loud, four-legged robot

Dubbed the Legged Squad Support Systems (LS3) robot, it was built by Boston Dynamics

Dirk Trudeau | Dec 31, 2015

The U.S. Marine Corps killed a four-legged robot that resembled a dog after they decided it was just too noisy to be taken onto the battlefield.

The giant robot built by Boston Dynamics is larger than a human and bounds about like a dog on four legs, with the aim of carrying cargo for troops in the field and lightening the burden, according to a Fortune report.

It was an interesting concept that caught the attention of the public when it was first introduced, but it was recently killed by the Pentagon after they decided it was just way too noisy to make for an effective tool on a battlefield where stealth is paramount.

That said, it's an interesting concept that could get resurrected down the line should engineers figure out how to make it significantly less noisy, or at least figure out some other kind of application for it.

Marines simply didn't buy in. They saw the robot as a loud robot that would give them away on the battlefield, something they couldn't afford and wasn't worth the potential advantages.

It was dubbed the Legged Squad Support Systems (LS3) robot, and was built by Boston Dynamics, which is owned by Google. It received $32 million from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the U.S. Marine Corps. The robot can carry loads of up to 400 pounds in order to assist troops.

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