India to tackle smog with two-week limit on cars

Under the terms of the new plan, private cars would be allowed on roads on alternate days.

Craig Hall | Jan 25, 2016

China isn't the only one suffering from severe smog problems -- so is next-door neighbor India, which is instituting a limit on cars to try to cut down on the issue.

India introduced a major effort to reduce its air pollution by instituting a two-week limit on the number of cars on streets, according to an Associated Press report.

Under the terms of the new plan, private cars would be allowed on roads on alternate days starting with Jan. 1 and continuing through the 15th. That would be determined by whether the cars had a licensse plate number that ends in an odd or even number.

Monday will be the first real test of the regulations to see if drivers will comply and how much it will actually work.

Top politicains, judges, the sick, motorcycles, and women would get some exemptions.

Police were lenient on Friday, issuing only warnings rather than a $30 fine to violating drivers.

Of course, India lacks the resources to police the rule entirely, making some skeptics wonder just how effective this rule will be in reducing smog.

Despite Beijing's recently publicized problems with smog, it is actually New Delhi that has been named the world's most polluted city by the World Health Organization. There are a total of 7.5 million registered vehicles in the city. Many of those vehicles use diesel fuel, which is incredibly bad for pollution.

China has had to issue a Red Alert multiple times in recent months due to smog problems. The city has long struggled with the problem since its economy started expanding rapidly in recent decades.

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