'Earth hotter than it ever was' study reveals

The earth is bound to hit a record temperature in 2 million years.

Kristy Douglas | Oct 02, 2016

A study has revealed that in over 120, 000 years, Planet Earth has never been as warm as it is. The earth is bound to hit a record temperature in 2 million years.

Carolyn Snyder in her doctoral research at the university of Stanford created a consecutive 2 million year record of temperature, which is much longer than the previous 22,000-year-old record.

The temperature re-enactment which was published in the journal Nature on Monday averages periods from 5000-years time, going back several million years back rather than estimating the temperature for a single year.

Basing her reconstruction on 61 varying sea surface temperature alternatives globally, this includes the ratio between calcium and magnesium and species structure and salinity. However so, the study shows over a million years back these alternatives are few, which makes the predictions indefinite.

The estimates are very uncertain, and the error margins are quite outsized, said Snyder. She also discovered the close correlation in the temperature changes and the carbon dioxide levels.

Carbon dioxide levels alongside other factors, and how the past temperature trends were helped Snyder to predict the amount of warming that may be expected in the future.

"If the climatic factors remained as they were in the past, which is hardly possible, Earth, is going to experience over 7 degrees of warming in the next few millenniums". Snyder also said, "the human beings are messing with the atmosphere more now than they did in the past."

The research was praised by four other outside scientists. Jeremy Shakum from Boston College said the research was a great contribution upon which future work should be based on. However so, some scientists still thought of her estimate of the warming in the future as a bit too high. Shalkun said they were unrealistic.

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