Children question Trumps stand on global warming

They had an ice sculpture of Trump which was continually melted by his own comments.

Lila Alexander | Oct 07, 2016

Climatic change is inevitable. It has happened to the earth many times before. However, the current global warming is going on at an alarmingly fast rate. History indicates that each time a significant climatic change happens the dominant species greatly suffers, point and case, the dinosaurs.

It should, therefore, worry humanity greatly that at this stage in history, they are the dominant species and still the biggest contributors to global warming. The Republican Presidential nominee has repeatedly denied even the existence of global warming. His statements on the matter seem to have puzzled a couple of children who created a video as they read Trump's tweets.

The kids created this video from the Sierra Club one of the kids read one of Trump's tweets aloud. Trump insisted that global warming was "bullshit." The child looked surprised and exclaimed, "should someone who talks like this be our president!"

Another boy quickly exclaimed, "it's time to stop kidding around on global warming." This is not the first time the club has created anti-Trump campaign ads. After the first debate after Trump had repeatedly denied his comments on global warming, they took another swap at him.

They had an ice sculpture of Trump which was continually melted by his own comments. He has now somewhat admitted that global warming and that he will look into it as president. Global warming has become a serious calamity. Things like drought and floods have become more pronounced than before. Global warming has also shifted climatic regions as a result, weather patterns are more unpredictable.

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