Scientists detect gravitational waves produced by colliding neutron stars
Scientists detect gravitational waves produced by colliding neutron stars
Ability to observe an event via both gravitational waves and light is a revolution for modern astronomy.
Chinese space station is falling back to Earth
Chinese space station is falling back to Earth
Scientists cannot predict its landing location until hours before re-entry.
Sun-like star likely devoured the planets in its system
Sun-like star likely devoured the planets in its system
A giant star has been nicknamed Kronos because
New therapy could temporarily offset snake venom
New therapy could temporarily offset snake venom
A newly developed injection could stave off the effects of snakebite venom long enough to give victims time to get to a hospital.
Last common ancestor between humans and apes was gibbon-sized, study reports
Vicky Webb - 6 hours ago
Researchers have found evidence that the last common ancestor between humans and apes was much smaller than previously thought.
Color changing skin could one day enhance soft robots
Dan Taylor - 6 hours ago
A newly developed synthetic cephalopod skin could one day help soft robots change color to blend in with their environment.
New addiction-treatment center helps alcoholics drink in moderation
Paul Pate - 6 hours ago
Quitting drinking forever--that is the goal that virtually any alcohol-rehab facility in North America sets for its patients.
NASA researching radiation protection for future Mars astronauts
Laurel Kornfeld - 6 hours ago
Shielding, pharmaceuticals, and faster rockets are all being studied for the protections they provide.
OSIRIS-REx spacecraft photographs Earth and Moon
Laurel Kornfeld - 6 hours ago
Ten days after Earth gravity assist, MapCam camera looks back on Earth-Moon system.
Facebook hopes Oculus Go headset will get more people interested in virtual reality
Lucas Rowe - Oct 16, 2017
Facebook's new Oculus Go VR headset is another big push at making VR more popular.
Razer's new smartphone rumored to have 8GB of RAM
James Smith - Oct 16, 2017
The company Razer is set to unleash a new phone that could be focused primarily on gaming.
Dwarf planet Haumea has a ring
Laurel Kornfeld - Oct 16, 2017
Discovery may indicate rings around planets and asteroids are more common than previously thought.
NASA leads an asteroid "fire drill" as asteroid nears Earth
Kristy Douglas - Oct 16, 2017
The network's test is going well so far and is monitoring the asteroid as expected, according to NASA researchers.
FDA panel approves a gene therapy for blindness
Miriam Griffin - Oct 16, 2017
A gene therapy for a genetically inherited form of blindness got approval from an FDA panel Thursday and could get final agency approval for market by January. If the FDA signs off on it, it will be the first-ever genetic treatment for a genetically inherited disease to be available to U.S. consumers.
Astronomers discover extremely luminous nova
Laurel Kornfeld - Oct 16, 2017
First nova ever found in Small Magellanic Cloud is studied in multiple wavelengths.
Titan experiences intense rainstorms
Laurel Kornfeld - Oct 16, 2017
Fan-shaped regions of alluvial deposits correspond exactly with areas of highest rainfall.
SpaceX successfully completes Falcon 9 launch, booster landing
Laurel Kornfeld - Oct 16, 2017
Second launch in two days sends communication satellite into orbit.
DNA analysis shows Easter Islands did not have Native American contact before European arrival
Paul Pate - Oct 14, 2017
A new study suggests that, despite past research, the islanders on Rapa Nui did not come into contact with the Native Americans before Europeans first came to the island.
Mountain lions may be social animals, study reports
Jeremy Morrow - Oct 14, 2017
A new study reveals that mountain lions interact with each other, dispelling the idea that they are social creatures.
Amazon Echo can now recognize voices, respond with personalized information
Kristy Douglas - Oct 14, 2017
For the first time, Amazon's Echo will be able to tell people apart by the sound of their voice.
Psychologists urge caution with "mindfulness" meditation
Tracy Williams - Oct 14, 2017
Mindfulness meditation is a hot trend in some circles, with many consumers and even some big businesses investing in mindfulness instruction as a remedy for anxiety, depression, mental illness, and even serious physical ailments like cancer.
Snapchat's "Context Cards" could make the app more useful
Vicky Webb - Oct 13, 2017
Snapchat hopes their new features will cause people to use the app more often.
OxygenOS caught collecting users data without permission
Vicky Webb - Oct 13, 2017
OnePlus devices are taking data from their users and sending it to the company's private servers.
Google issues update to stop Home Mini from recording 24/7
Billy Kirk - Oct 13, 2017
Google has been forced to disable the Home Mini's touch sensor after early versions of the device were constantly recording all the noises around them.
Tiny solar flares may be heating up the Sun's corona
Laurel Kornfeld - Oct 11, 2017
Origin of coronal X-ray emissions could be key to answering a question that has long baffled scientists.
Asteroid that will fly close to Earth on Thursday poses no danger
Laurel Kornfeld - Oct 11, 2017
Astronomers will have opportunity to observe a complete rotation of the object in just one night.
Soot-covered birds could shed new light on air pollution
Cliff Mooneyham - Oct 11, 2017
Black carbon samples taken from the wings of birds that lived throughout the twentieth century could change the way scientists think about climate change.
Ocean wind turbines could generate immense amounts of energy, study reports
Joseph Scalise - Oct 11, 2017
A new report reveals that wind turbines on the open ocean have the potential to create much more energy than the ones on land.
Genetic theory shows how durians got their unpleasant smell
Harry Marcolis - Oct 11, 2017
Researchers in Singapore may have finally discovered where the durian -- a fruit known for its strong and unpleasant odor -- first got its pungent smell.
Ancient Martian formations could show how life started on Earth
Jeremy Morrow - Oct 10, 2017
A string of hydrothermal vents discovered on Mars could help researchers better understand how Earth first began to support life.
Moon may have once had an atmosphere, study reports
Dan Taylor - Oct 10, 2017
New research shows the moon had an ancient atmosphere that lasted some 70 million years before dissipating.
High-potassium foods may help stave off heart disease
Chad Young - Oct 10, 2017
Researchers have discovered that foods high in potassium may increase long term heart health.