Opioid alternatives increase risk of suicide
Opioid alternatives increase risk of suicide
Increased use of non-opioid drugs may be contributing to rising suicide rates.
Car crashes are rising fast in states where marijuana is legal
Car crashes are rising fast in states where marijuana is legal
Car crashes are increasingly a problem in marijuana-legal states, and lawmakers are unsure what to do about it.
Superfast star found leaving Milky Way at 1,700km per second
Superfast star found leaving Milky Way at 1,700km per second
A star is flying fast and it's heading outside the galaxy.
Vice President Pence visits Ames Center
Vice President Pence visits Ames Center
VP Pence heads to Ames to push for budget increase.
NASA to air Boeing Starliner abort test
Harry Marcolis - Nov 04, 2019
NASA TV will live a massive abort test this week.
Arctic ice may be melting faster than expected, study reports
Tobi Gerdes - Oct 31, 2019
A new study shows that past research may have underestimated the pace at which the arctic ice is melting.
Archaeologists unearth long-lost Aztec tower of skulls
David Sims - Oct 31, 2019
The tower was described in contemporary accounts of the Spanish conquistadores when they captured the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan, which later became Mexico City.
Astronomers discover extremely luminous nova
Laurel Kornfeld - Oct 31, 2019
First nova ever found in Small Magellanic Cloud is studied in multiple wavelengths.
Auroras at Jupiter's poles act independently
Laurel Kornfeld - Oct 31, 2019
Researchers take advantage of rare opportunity to observe polar regions through Juno mission and space telescopes.
Astronomers find another potentially habitable planet 11 light-years away
Mark Schwartz - Oct 31, 2019
Astronomers discovered a potentially Earth-like planet just 11 light-years from Earth. They said that it is at the right distance from its star to have liquid water and a climate mild enough to sustain life.
Galaxy Note 9 to launch ahead of schedule
Leah Williams - Oct 31, 2019
Samsung reports an early release of their next generation Galaxy smartphones in wake of low sales.
Archaeologists find slave quarters of Sally Hemings at Monticello
Harry Marcolis - Oct 31, 2019
Gayle Jessup White is Sally Hemings' great-great-great-great niece and also works at Monticello's Community Engagement Officer.
Australian cats kill millions of birds each year, study reports
Ed Mason - Oct 31, 2019
A new study shows the negative impact cats have on Australia's wildlife.
Astronomers find remnant of 600-year-old nova
Laurel Kornfeld - Oct 31, 2019
Based on the Korean astronomers' description of the phenomenon, scientists today believe the outburst occurred in a binary system that contained a dead, highly dense white dwarf star and a companion.
Air pollution may cause brain damage
James Carlin - Oct 30, 2019
The scientists explained that the brain has naturally occurring magnetite particles.
100-year-old fruitcake found in Antarctica in 'excellent condition'
Harry Marcolis - Oct 30, 2019
Conservators with the Antarctic Heritage Trust, based in New Zealand, recently found the fruitcake in a hut at Cape Adare, the oldest building in Antarctica.
15,000 scientists issue dire warning to humanity
Ed Mason - Oct 30, 2019
Time is running out to save planet, say more than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries.
Alien civilizations may be trying to contact us
James Smith - Oct 30, 2019
Some scientists are reporting "fast radio bursts" that might be alien civilizations trying to communicate.
Artificial cooling could do more harm than good, study reports
Stacey Carter - Oct 30, 2019
A group of researchers have found that proposed plans to cool the Earth and fight global warming could actually spark more severe weather patterns in certain parts of the world.
'Snowball Earth' may have helped give rise to Earth's first animals
Adam Widmer - Oct 30, 2019
Those new conditions perfectly allowed algae to spread across the globe. That then created the burst of energy needed for more complex organisms to thrive.
Artificial muscle makes soft robots stronger
Jason Spencer - Oct 30, 2019
A new type of artificial muscle allows soft robots to lift nearly 1,000 times their own weight.
Alcohol consumption raises cancer risk, doctors warn
Mark Schwartz - Oct 30, 2019
Reducing alcohol use greatly reduces cancer risks, a leading organization of U.S. cancer doctors said in a statement Tuesday. The statement cited research that finds that one or more alcoholic beverages a day increases risks of breast cancer.