Congress begins discussions on regulating self-driving cars
Congress begins discussions on regulating self-driving cars
Linda Mack - Jul 20, 2017
A House of Representatives subcommittee unanimously approved new rules Wednesday to make it easier for federal regulators to set new standards and restrictions on autonomous vehicles.
Jason Spencer - Jul 20, 2017
Chief strategist at Horizon Investments, Greg Valliere, is telling his clients that defeat of the BCRA would deal a serious blow to Trump's legislative agenda.
Linda Mack - Jul 18, 2017
The researchers published their findings in the journal Neuron.
James Smith - Jul 17, 2017
Arrests were made as part of a Medicare fraud task force launched in 2007. Since its creation, task force has charged more than 3,500 people for more than $12.5 billion in phony billings.
Jason Spencer - Jul 13, 2017
They found that people who drank a cup of coffee each day were 12 percent less likely die, according to a USC statement.
Linda Mack - Jul 11, 2017
West Virginia voted for President Trump by large margins last year, but West Virginia Republican Sen. Shelley Moore Capito is dead-set on not seeing Trumpcare become law.
Leon Clarke - Jul 10, 2017
There are enough painkillers being prescribed to keep every American high for three weeks straight, but the rate of new prescriptions has nevertheless dropped since 2010.
Lucas Rowe - Jul 10, 2017
The suggestion that Republicans improve the exchanges in the meantime instead of trying again to abolish them is a notion that a few other Republicans before McConnell have suggested.
Lila Alexander - Jul 03, 2017
It is the fourth state to sue opioid manufacturers over their marketing practices in the past month.
Jeremy Morrow - Jun 30, 2017
They warn that plastic waste tonnage is steadily building up in the world's oceans and coastal ecosystems and will imperil the health of plants, animals, and humans across the globe.
Mae Owen - Jun 27, 2017
Harris drives a 200-square-foot Laundry Truck around the city three times a week and takes in homeless residents' dirty laundry at stops along the route.
Linda Mack - Jun 27, 2017
He also suggested that the bill's authors whittle down the current version to the parts that the caucus largely agrees on.
Linda Mack - Jun 27, 2017
The fires come approximately a week after of widespread forest fires in Portugal that killed 64 people and led the Portuguese government to declare a national three-day period of mourning.
Jeremy Morrow - Jun 26, 2017
A number of groups are taking a stand against the Senate Republicans' replacement of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)— better know as Obamacare.
Joyce Clark - Jun 24, 2017
The White House refused to say Thursday whether President Trump will support the Obamacare-repeal bill that the Senate is set to vote on this week.
Mae Owen - Jun 20, 2017
At least 100 new cases of lone-star tick bites have been reported in the past year in northern U.S. locales, including Minnesota, New Hampshire, and eastern Long Island, New York.
Kristy Douglas - Jun 19, 2017
Approximately 90% of cancer deaths occur only after metastasis, according to Jayatilaka, who said that she and her colleagues first made a breakthrough when they discovered two proteins.
Leon Clarke - Jun 16, 2017
A federal judge sided with the Standing Rock Sioux and against the Dakota Access Pipeline in a ruling Wednesday that reprimanded the pipeline project for inadequate environmental review.
Dirk Trudeau - Jun 15, 2017
The new drug, which is rubbed onto the skin, starts the process of making melanin.
Rick Docksai - Jun 13, 2017
The bill that the House approved strips Planned Parenthood of the $555 million it receives annually in federal funding.
Jason Spencer - Jun 13, 2017
Qatar is a significant exporter of oil and natural gas, but it imports 80% of its food from its Gulf Arab neighbors.
Tyler Henderson - Jun 13, 2017
This marks just the latest in a wide range of technical mishaps that have bedeviled the F-35's developers.
Miriam Griffin - Jun 11, 2017
The negotiations have made some concessions to moderate GOP members—too many, in the eyes of Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.).
James Smith - Jun 11, 2017
This would set them on a collision course with the House GOP, however. The bill that the House had passed rolled back almost all Obamacare-related taxes retroactively to Jan. 1, 2017.
Mark Schwartz - Jun 07, 2017
Anthem Insurance announced Tuesday that it will leave Ohio's Obamacare exchange market next year, a move that will leave thousands of Ohioans with no Obamacare insurance options whatsoever.
Jose Jefferies - Apr 26, 2017
Scientists made the discovery after reviewing more than 740 studies into the effects of caffeine on humans.
David Sims - Apr 17, 2017
A new report has found that climate change has significant adverse effects on mental health.
Jose Jefferies - Mar 31, 2017
Two Yale students have the pain of hangovers into a passion, and have developed a patent-pending anti-hangover formula that they say is 'based on science.'
Adam Widmer - Mar 23, 2017
The area is 151 miles across and has a minimum depth of approximately 2,700 feet.
Chad Young - Mar 10, 2017
Scientists say that they are one-third of the way to synthesizing the complete genome of baker's yeas
Josh Curlee - Feb 18, 2017
At least two people are reported dead in Southern California after torrential rains fell heavily, flooding streets and prompting water rescues.
Alex Bourque - Feb 14, 2017
Many Democratic politicians are working to keep the federal health care law on the books, but it is believed that the state marketplace system will be replaced.
James Carlin - Feb 06, 2017
A statue erected by a civil group is in the middle of a diplomatic storm between Japan and South Korea.
James Carlin - Feb 02, 2017
Scientists at the University of Tübingen in Germany have developed a brain reading cap, which will help patients with locked-in syndrome to communicate with Doctors and their families.
Jason Spencer - Jan 06, 2017
He has therefore been banned for one year and fined a quarter of a million dollars.
Harry Marcolis - Dec 31, 2016
Bernie Sanders (I, Vermont) is against the privatization of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
Carmelo Sheppard - Dec 01, 2016
Apple Inc. is answering the call for major corporations to join in the fight against AIDS across the world.
Carmelo Sheppard - Nov 25, 2016
United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon is calling for meaningful action to combat violence against women.
James Carlin - Oct 12, 2016
The scientists explained that the brain has naturally occurring magnetite particles.
James Smith - Oct 12, 2016
They tired this circuit to a reward system used by the brain.
Aaron Sims - Oct 04, 2016
It is now believed that the Ebola Virus can stay in semen for longer than a year.
Leon Clarke - Jul 21, 2017
Military veterans who have seen private doctors for their health needs might no longer be able to do so due to recent cutbacks in the Veterans Administration's Veterans Choice Program.
James Carlin - Jul 20, 2017
The symptoms reported by customers are consistent with the highly contagious norovirus, Chipotle's head of food safety, Jim Marsden, told NBC News.
Harry Marcolis - Jul 17, 2017
In the end, the GIF played back with 90 percent accuracy. And even when the team uploaded the movie backward, they could view the galloping horse in reverse.
Ian Marsh - Jul 17, 2017
The 92-year-old Carter became unsteady on his feet at the building project after working on some steps of the home for over an hour in the hot sun, according to Reuters.
Mae Owen - Jul 17, 2017
The federal agencies field formal charges against 412 individuals Thursday.
Joyce Clark - Jul 17, 2017
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that he will try for a vote on the bill next week.
Carmelo Sheppard - Jul 15, 2017
But some in the medical community are dubious about ingesting foreign substances, including chocolate.
Kristy Douglas - Jul 14, 2017
Nevada made recreational marijuana use legal on July 1, in keeping with a popular vote to legalize marijuana use statewide in November 2016.
Leon Clarke - Jul 08, 2017
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is again locking horns with his Senate GOP colleagues, this time over new changes to the stalled Obamacare-repeal bill.
James Smith - Jul 08, 2017
In granting the gag order, Judge Matsumoto directed Shkreli to stop talking in and around the courthouse.
Ian Marsh - Jul 03, 2017
Five of the six injured are hurt seriously, according to The New York Times.
Ian Marsh - Jul 02, 2017
President Trump has claimed that the GOP bill not only does not cut spending, but tweeted a chart purporting to show Medicaid spending going up by $69 billion in 2026.
Jason Spencer - Jun 28, 2017
Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) said Monday afternoon that the legislation cannot stand after release of the CBO report.
Josh Curlee - Jun 26, 2017
Brian Sandoval, Heller criticized the bill's cuts to Medicaid and to subsidies for individual coverage, which he said would fall too hard on Nevada residents.
Joyce Clark - Jun 26, 2017
The Chinese government had banned U.S. beef in 2003 over concern about mad cow disease.
James Carlin - Jun 24, 2017
A new study based on experiments with mice suggests that extra virgin olive oil may protect the brain from symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.
Jeremy Morrow - Jun 19, 2017
Lead, a toxic metal, was found most often in fruit juices, root vegetables, and cookies.
Miriam Griffin - Jun 16, 2017
A hundred residents contracted Legionnaires' disease, and 12 died from it, and a potentially far larger number of children.
James Carlin - Jun 07, 2017
McConnell and aides will present an early blueprint of the Senate version of the bill on Tuesday at a GOP lunch, but some of its specifics have yet to be resolved.
Cliff Mooneyham - May 15, 2017
Participants chose the picture of the partner as the one that was most similar to the brother 27 percent of the time, which is only s bit higher than random chance.
Aaron Sims - May 07, 2017
The retina is made of soft water droplets and biological cell proteins. Its components detect and react to light to create a grey scale image.
Chad Young - May 04, 2017
According to scientists, the drill can perform a certain type of complex cranial surgery 50 times faster than its common practice.
James Smith - Apr 21, 2017
US Scientists are conducting a massive computer simulation to work out how the city of New York would respond to a nuclear attack in the heart of Manhattan.
James Carlin - Apr 18, 2017
A landmark scientific study has shattered the belief that salty food makes living organisms crave a drink.
James Smith - Apr 17, 2017
Spine surgeons are noticing an increase in people suffering from neck and upper back pain.
Jose Jefferies - Apr 10, 2017
In an excerpt procured by US Weekly, the 32-year-old revealed she came down with the tick-borne ailment in a reindeer sanctuary in her family's England home in 2004.
Aaron Sims - Apr 01, 2017
Michael Buble's son, Noah has returned to Argentina after treatment for liver cancer.
Josh Curlee - Mar 29, 2017
The teenager's classmates started an online campaign before Ebony's death, to give her a chance to meet her favorite singer.
Harry Marcolis - Mar 20, 2017
A study by NASA has shown that jet using biofuels have fewer particle emissions in their exhaust trails.
Tyler Henderson - Mar 14, 2017
Six years after the Japan Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant disaster, scientists now say that it is now safe to return.
James Carlin - Mar 09, 2017
Dr. Dresler added that if one uses these strategic mnemonic training memory strategies, they can considerably increase their memory, even if it was awful at the start.
Adam Widmer - Mar 06, 2017
The White House has offered to continue funding for Planned Parenthood if the group stops providing abortions.
Jeremy Morrow - Feb 18, 2017
Bill Gates produced an op-ed on a new deadly type of terrorism.
Jason Spencer - Feb 13, 2017
Carmelo Sheppard - Feb 03, 2017
Just ten days after assuming office, President Donald Trump has already signed two proclamations, seven executive orders, and seven presidential memoranda.
Alex Bourque - Feb 02, 2017
Adults and children who suffer from Aspergers have problems with social interactions and exhibit a restricted range of interests and repetitive behavior.
James Smith - Feb 02, 2017
This is in the form of fluorinated chemicals(PFASs). These are usually favored for their grease repellant properties but can be harmful to our health according to the study.
Harry Marcolis - Jan 27, 2017
One this Britain hopes May and Trump do not touch their health care system which many believe was the foundation for Obama Care.
Jason Spencer - Jan 21, 2017
What this means institutions can intemperate Obama Care more loosely, they can choose what works for them and discard what does not.
Tyler Henderson - Jan 16, 2017
Close aides of Mr. Trump also declined to provide further details of the health plan.
Jason Spencer - Jan 16, 2017
Another study estimated that if all 20 million people covered by Obamacare lost their insurance, 20,000 would die as a result which is a lower rating compared to Sanders.
Jeremy Morrow - Jan 11, 2017
U.S. President Elect Donald Trump said during a Wednesday speech that big pharmacy was getting away with murder.
Carmelo Sheppard - Jan 11, 2017
The U.S. Homeland Security Department announced a cybersecurity warning concerning a brand of heart implants.
Mark Schwartz - Jan 11, 2017
The limited edition Holiday White Peppermint Hostess Twinkies have been recalled because of a salmonella scare.
Miriam Griffin - Dec 08, 2016
Insys Therapeutics threw a party for a Florida doctor to convince him to sell more of their drug.
Ian Marsh - Nov 27, 2016
But China has beaten them to the punch and already carried out a procedure to a lung cancer patient and is awaiting progress.
Ian Marsh - Oct 11, 2016
He was discovered in 1991 in a mummified form and remains today one of the best-preserved fossils.
Jason Spencer - Jun 20, 2016
A new study from the American Academy of Sleep and Medicine shows that coffee or energy drinks for those who don't get enough sleep do little to no good
David Sims - Jun 11, 2016
Turing Pharmaceutical CEO Martin Shkreli was arrested Monday and charged with securities fraud stemming from the handling of assets at his previous company.
Jason Spencer - Jun 04, 2016
As acceptance of the LGBT relationships grows, so do the number of same-sex encounters among people